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This training is brought to you by the DTR Soul Community.
This free training is focused on love, compassion, and understanding within your relationships, including the relationship with yourself. 

Do you desire MORE out of your relationships?


love, compassion and understanding


open heart centered communication 


balance, peace, and harmony


clarity and acceptance


presence and deeper connection

Then, this training is for you!

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This self-discovery training is about shifting into the lens of love in all of your relationship. This tool is simple, yet highly effective!

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Who doesn’t want more love, compassion, and understanding in their relationships?

We are so excited to open this month’s training to our family of friends. Not only will we be sharing a simple tool that supports you in shifting all of your relationships, but you’ll also get a sneak peek experience of what it’s like to be a DTR soul member.

If you are looking for a place where you can truly be yourself, and have access to the tools and guidance to continue your journey of self-discovery, look no further! I am thankful each day for this community and their members.

Laurel, DTR Member

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A quick peek into the DTR Soul Community for women experience…

Love & Support

You will gather with women as we hold space and honor one another. Be supported as you navigate the highs, the lows, and the messy middle of our self-discovery journey.

Intimate Space

You will be a part of our private online community, off of major social media platforms, where you can be vulnerable and open in a judgement free space. 

Self-Discovery Toolbox

You will have full access to the DTR Self-Discovery Toolbox which includes  articles and practices about self-love, shadow work, compassion, and more. 

Healing Transmissions

You will receive a new guided transmission (meditation) infused with energy healing every week. Plus, full access to all past transmissions to support you at any time, 

Say yes to yourself!

Strengthen your relationships and your commitment to yourself.


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A note from Ash & Stef, co-founders of DTR Soul Community

Dance to Remembrance (DTR) was birthed April 11, 2021; however, her story has been years in the making. The journey is one of trust, surrender, alignment, and healing. Witness her story being written as the DTR team continues to lean in through the #surrenderproject.

What we have learned thus far, is that each of us are unique and are needed to raise the collective vibrations. We are venturing into the unknown, which is the KNOWN; we have simply forgotten. You are exactly where you are supposed to be and you are heeding the calling within to learn, grow, and heal.

Dance to Remembrance DTR Self-discovery journey

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