Desiring more in your life? The journey of awakening. 

Most of us in the modern world have resigned ourselves to a clichéd existence. We indulge in endless distractions, live on auto-pilot, numb our wounds, emotions and insecurities, all while unknowingly flowing on the path of fear. We are haunted by the shallowness of our relationships with ourselves and others and feel an inescapable amount of loneliness. However, many of us are being called to engage and be present, living and growing on new levels. (We will venture to guess that you’re one of those since you’re here!)

Here are a few signs that you’re being called to dance along the journey of awakening:

  • You feel lost in life but feel a desire to be found, even if it’s a small inkling of hope.
  • You long for a place that feels like your ‘true home’.
  • You keep wondering what your meaning or purpose is.
  • You feel like you have a big destiny to fulfill, which is yet to be revealed or isn’t being revealed as quickly as you had hoped for.
  • You sense that there’s much more to life than meets the eye.
  • You’re experiencing strange synchronicities, signs, and omens.
  • You’re shedding your old self and are transforming, but you don’t know who you truly are yet.
  • There’s a sense of nostalgia and nagging, longing for something you can’t pinpoint.
  • You experience bouts of melancholy, depression, and existential crisis.
  • A lot of what you once valued seems meaningless and empty.
  • It feels like the rug has been pulled out from underneath you, and you’re falling.
Can you relate to any of the above signs?

If you can, you’re most certainly being called to embark on a dance to remembrance, a journey to self.

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The truth is, we are capable of creating deeply meaningful and fulfilling lives. We are capable of finding our true calling and personal destinies. We can do this through the dance to remembrance, where we turn inward, meet ourselves on the inner battle field of life, while we dance with our shadows and surrender all fears and illusions. We choose to shine light onto the wounded parts within us, and emerge fully embraced by love, gifted with the truth of knowing you are an expression of the Divine at your core.

Everyone’s journey is unique, ever-changing, and ongoing. There is no single point at which we stop this inner transformation. And while the demands for constant growth and expansion may be difficult to handle at times, they are necessary for us to find (remember) our life purpose and fulfill our destiny as a divine being. We are meant to be happy, joyful and inspired, we are designed to be fulfilled.

If you wish to live a deep, meaningful, and loving life that is full of joy and peace, beginning your spiritual journey is not only important but crucial. Understandably, you might feel a bit intimidated and lost, not knowing where to start.  Don’t worry, we’re here to learn and grow together, each being a perfect mirror for each other.

Tips to assist you in starting your own dance:

    First – Be gentle and go at your own pace.

    It’s normal to feel overwhelmed and a little intimidated by the influx of information when first beginning your journey. My advice is to go slowly, be gentle, and go at your own pace, really giving yourself grace as you dance along your journey. There is no rush and you don’t need to know every detail right now and there isn’t a finish line to race to.

    You have all the answers you need with in you, at a Soul level, because you are an expression of the Divine at your core. Everyone else is simply a mirror of who you are.

    So cut yourself some slack. The key is to go gently but deeply – that is how you will learn and grow the most.

    Second – Figure out the purpose of your journey.

    Think carefully about why you want to begin your dance to remembrance. Do you have a specific goal, purpose, or intention in mind? Are you wanting to find something or avoid something? (Or perhaps both.) Perhaps you would like to achieve or experience something?

    There are a variety of reasons why people begin their journey. For example, some people want to experience enlightenment, connect with their Creator, develop their gifts or find their life’s purpose, while others desire to be free of an old trauma/addiction, release depression/anxiety, or find joy in the every day moments. There isn’t one right answer here, folks!

    Keep in mind that your perception of your purpose will likely shift and change as you progress through your journey – this is completely normal. Your journey needs are unique to you, so embrace them.

    Third – Discover the tools and practices that work for you.

    Once you’ve figured out why, simply pay attention and notice what ideas, philosophies, and practices pique your interest. The journey of self discovery is not meant to be boring or mono-toned, it is is a dance that ideally involves play, joy, and passion. Explore the world of self-healing, ask others what has worked for them, and engage in this space to learn more from each other. Find what lights you up, try different things and see what feels right to you. I know in the beginning of my journey, I explored YouTube videos, read (and continue to read) books, attended workshops, and engaged with ANYONE who was willing to talk to me.

    So, we invite you to tune into yourself and figure out what sets your Soul on fire. It might looks like “trying on” one new practice a month. Give it a test drive! Begin to circle around that topic, practice, or path and dedicate your full attention to it. Ultimately, you will realize that you have the answers already within you, but it may take some practice and exploration to find out what speaks to you on a profound level.

    And of course, we encourage you to share the practices and tools that support you in our private community space as you never know who you may inspire!

    Fourth – Reord what you’ve learned and experienced 

    One of the simplest ways of recording what you’ve learned and experienced is simply through the act of journaling. Have a special journal or diary that you dedicate to writing down your thoughts, experiences, ideas, and discoveries. You don’t need to be a good writer (or even good at spelling/grammar) to do this – forget about that! What matters is that you have a solid record that you can refer back to throughout your journey. Learn more about how to journal here.

    There are also other ways of recording what you’ve learned/experienced such as creating pieces of art or composing music. Find whatever creative outlet suits you the most.

    Fifth – Integrate and embody your spirituality.

    It takes strength of character, sincerity, and courage to actively integrate and embody what you’ve learned along your journey. To integrate means to absorb something into your being; to make it a living and breathing part of you. To embody means to be an expression of what you have learned: to be the change you’re looking for, to infuse your life with the essence of what you’ve discovered.

    There are numerous ways to integrate and embody your spirituality, but remember that this is an organic process that takes time. Be in a state of full allowance as you navigate through this process.

    There are, however, numerous ways to begin the integration/embodiment part of your journey. Some of these practices include:

    • Meditation
    • Mindfulness
    • Contemplation
    • Breathwork
    • Shadow Work
    • Self-love
    • Inner child work

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    Anything that helps you to slow down, pause, be introspective, and go inward while encouraging present moment awareness, will help you to integrate and embody what you experience.

    Our journeys alternate between periods of descending and ascending. In one period of our lives we may cultivate our connection with Spirit, while in other parts we may tend to and heal core wounds, or develop a deep self-care practice.

    This is the dance to remembrance.

    This, my fellow travelers, is the dance to remembrance. Allow for the ebb and flow of life and engage in the rhythm and dance of life!

    Whether you are new to your own journey or have been traveling for some time, we invite you to join our private healing community where you get to share in the self-discovery journey with others. Your first week is always free and there is no long term commitments. Come check us out!

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