Dance to Remembrance

Welcome to the DTR Soul Community for Women

An intimate soul community of women, supporting you on your journey of self-discovery and healing.

We welcome you with open arms and hearts. We believe the self-discovery journey is not something you have to do alone.
Yes, it is your unique journey; however, as we come together, we share compassion and empathy for one another, remembering that we are all ONE.

DTR Soul Community, Dance to Remembrance

This is the DTR Soul Community

This is an intimate space for you while you engage in the dance to remembrance, the journey of self-discovery! It is a community of soulful women who embrace the dance of life and are desiring a deeper connection with themselves and others. It is a space to honor our humanness while being supported by our divinity. This is a space to love yourself fiercely and show up unapologetically. A space to remove the masks of self-doubt and self-worth and OWN YOUR DIVINE TRUTHS.


Your messy middle moments
are welcome here.
In fact, they’re CELEBRATED here!

soul community for women

This is your invitation to free yourself!

It’s for the women:

  • who are tired of putting a band aid on their pain.
  • who are tired of just being ok.
  • who are tired of living behind masks and desire to remember who they are behind the mask.
  • who are ready to become truly present in their life.
  • who are experiencing strange synchronicities, signs, and omens and you’re ready to explore them.
  • who are or have experienced bouts of depression or anxiety.

Join the DTR Soul Community Now

You decide what level of support you are looking for each month.
Whether you’re there for the social community or desiring to attend one of our events,
the choice is entirely up to you. 

We have virtual and in-person events (Salt Lake City, UT area). 
We offer free, donation based, or priced events.

Here's a handful of topics we discuss:

Real self love, self nurturing, shadow work, self healing, heart-mind connection, Reiki, tapping into your soul language (light language), Gene Keys, Human Design, relationships and boundaries, emotions, letting go, presence and awareness, conscious parenting, un-layering process, connecting to your guides, and more!

What our soul sisters are saying!

Hi, we’re Ashli & Stefanie

We are the co-founders of Dance to Remembrance and the DTR Soul Community. This space was created solely to bring women together in love and to expand our divine truths. We are not a community of fluffiness. We won’t put a “meditation bandaid” on your experiences, we will guide you into diving deep within your shadows, healing trauma and wounds, and inspiring you to be in full acceptance of your infinite worth, the divine being that you are.

DTR was birthed as a calling from our souls. We surrendered early in 2021 and allowed the universe to bring us together. DTR Soul Community is us saying YES to the call and saying YES to each of you.


This space is for you to be seen, supported, and loved; to be witnessed and celebrated.
Come fill your spiritual cup with us and surrender to all that is possible.

Chances are if you are here reading this now, you have heard the deep soul calling as well and you’re ready to answer by letting go of the should’s of life and remove the masks that are holding you back.
It’s time to cultivate a relationship with your True self.

Our community is filled with women, who just like you, have heard their own calls and are desiring more. Let’s join together in sisterhood, supporting one another in acceptance, love, and of course, some accountability. 

It’s time to answer the inner calling. It’s time to let go of the trauma, the stories, and the conditioning and embody and embrace the divine spiritual being that you are, while honoring the human moments.

Why virtual?

We get it!! You’re navigating your humanness, your household, and throwing in your spirituality in the mix. You’re busy and we wanted to make the space accessible to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will never be alone as you continue to embrace your dance of life. Each week as you gather in circle, you will energetically hold hands with your fellow sisters and feel the energy pulsing through you. Our space is literally creating a daily retreat for you. Where you get to show up in all aspects of yourself and lean in at any given time.

The magic of the DTR Soul Community was birthed when the Universe brought us (Ash & Stef) together. Community has been a passion for both of us and as all of the stars aligned, we both realized that we desired a community space for women that we wished we had when we started our spiritual journeys.  An inclusive, non-judgment space where women could take of their masks and be accepted for who they are under the masks. We desired a safe sacred space for women who feel alone and have no other support network on their spiritual self-discovery journey.

Removing the masks; unveiling our divinity.

You are an infinite being of love. Yes, you may have forgotten that, but we haven’t. The DTR Soul Community is the space for you to explore and remember the truth of who you are. We are the space for you to dance through this life, embracing the ebbs and flow or self-discovery. We know it’s not always easy and we know it can feel lonely. But that’s why DTR was created. To remind you that are not alone and to support you in the journey to remembering who you really are.

What is the magic of the DTR Soul Community?

We are not your gurus; we are women just like you who desire more.
In fact, we push you to realize the self-guru within you.

We created this community to make it simple and fun to be consistent in your personal self-discovery journey, stay connected to other mothers, sisters, and soul friends, and most importantly, to encourage you to stay connected to your divinity; your personal connection to Source. This intimate space is created for you – so you can feel the embrace and love of your fellow sisters.

DTR Soul Community for women

This journey isn’t always easy.

The work you have embarked on can feel lonely, but you don’t have to go at it alone. This community honors the messiness of the journey. We embrace the tears, the screams, and every thing in between. We venture into a dance with our shadows and emerge empowered, while realizing the spiritual and human moments in it all.

The DTR Soul Community allows you to focus on your self-discovery because the support is right in your back pocket.

Our community circles, trainings, and soul sister connections allow you to stay focused on yourself easily. You’re never alone. We are here holding space and loving on you throughout your journey. And the moment you join, you become part of our sisterhood family who are here to remind you of your infinite worth and the light being that you are.

Want a sneak peek into our private space?

Our intimate community is a safe space for you to be vulnerable, to lean in for support, and to stay connected to your highest divine self, while being supported, loved, and encouraged by other women on their self-discovery journey. We (Stef and Ash) are doing our work beside you and committed to sharing the vulnerable parts of our own personal journey as well as tools, inspiration and guidance for you to have a space that nurtures you daily.

Everything at your fingertips

Easy access to weekly transmissions or featured community challenges as well as the ability to reach out for support. Share your thoughts and questions 24/7. Customize your notifications to meet your preferences.

All events listed in one place

RSVP to all of the events and add sync them to your Google calendar to be reminded  of what’s coming up in our intimate space. Access all events from the comfort of your home, in your PJs, or while sipping on your favorite beverage.

You don’t have to leave your home to gather in circle with our members. Plus you have access to the space 24/7 so you get to fill your cup in the midst of your busy day.

Full privacy! We have our own app!

When Ash and Stef searched for the best platform for our community, one of our favorite features was we got our own app. With this, we have a separate and private platform that is exclusive to our DTR Soul members, including our own chat groups, and chat boards. There is also an incredible feature with geolocation options so can find soul sisters near you. Our deepest desire is to build a global community where you have the community in your pocket, but also the ability to meet other soul women in your area in person.

Let’s create those deep soul connections. 

Dance to Remembrance DTR Self-discovery journey

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